Please call or email Eric at 763-682-1970 or with any questions.

TREE COST:  $1.10 per tree + tax

  • Trees must be purchased in bundles of 25 for each species ordered.
  • Trees must be totally paid for at time of pick-up.
  • The preferred method of payment is check; however, the exact amount of cash will be accepted.
TREE PLANTING BARS: Several planting bars are available to assist in the hand planting of smaller areas. These bars are available on a first come first serve basis.

TREE PLANTER RENTAL: When planting more than 300 trees, tree planter rental might be considered. This machine makes light work out of a backbreaking job. The District tree planter has its own hydraulic system to raise and lower the scalpers. It is estimated that the tree planter can plant up to 5,000 per day.
  • COST:  $50 (plus tax) per 1/2 day - $100 (plus tax) per whole day.

EAB Risk Status

Oak Wilt Risk Status